Lakeside Dining: The Perfect Combination of Nature & Cuisine

You’ve been working all day and it’s finally time to relax. Don’t worry you’re not alone, Spree Food Labs – A Food Court at Spree Walk Telibandha Lake in Raipur is there for you. We have your favorite momos, drinks and the best pizza in town!

The Food court is located on the shores of Telibandha Lake in Raipur. We offer a delicious selection of food and drinks as well as outdoor seating with an incredible view.

There’s no better way to enjoy the lakeside scenery than with a cozy dinner at Spree Food Labs. Enjoy scenic views of Telibandha Lake while you dine on fresh, mouth-watering cuisines. At our Food Court in Raipur, you can enjoy some of the best lakeside dining in the area. From incredible Indian cuisines to mouth-watering Chinese dishes, we have something for everyone.

Some restaurants offer a more casual atmosphere, while others offer more upscale cuisine and ambiance. Regardless of your desired experience, the lakeside restaurant in Spree Food Labs will give you the perfect opportunity to enjoy this unique dining experience.

Telibandha Lake – A Special Place for Food Lovers

Telibandha Talab situated in Raipur of Chhattisgarh is a popular tourist attraction. It is one of the most beautiful lakes in India. It is also known as Mini Marine Drive of Raipur. This is a very beautiful place for walking and also a good place for food lovers. The Telibandha lake has got a spectacular view and pleasant atmosphere. With its picturesque setting and tasteful decoration, it is the perfect spot to spend a couple of hours with family and friends after a long day.

Lakeside dining at Spree Food Labs will give you a wonderful & unforgettable experience. It is a great way to enjoy the natural beauty of the lake while you are eating.

Spree Food Labs: The Best Food Court In Raipur

Spree Food Court in Raipur offers tasty cuisine from around the world while providing convenient dining options. Kids can also enjoy their favorite dishes. You’ll find some of the best eats at this restaurant; so grab your friends or family and enjoy a meal together. The food court is a great place to go if you are looking for a variety of dishes. So, enjoy delicious food served by friendly staff at this bustling eatery. With a Spree card, you don’t have to worry about bringing cash with you.You can even order your favorite cuisines through Whatsapp by just scanning the QR code.

Specials at Spree Food Court

You can enjoy smooth instant coffee at Nescafe in our Food court. Coffee lovers will appreciate the well-rounded taste and rich aroma in every cup. You can Enjoy smoothies made of excellent fruits and flavors so that you stay full for a long time. The Grub is the Best place to enjoy scrumptious Indian cuisines. Enjoy Special Tea on the shores of Telibandha lake as it is that inalienable part of our lives that most of us cannot do without.

If you like to have a south Indian taste, then you have Crispy vadas, the taste of hot sambar with dosa, and the touch of feather-light, soft Idlis. You can enjoy Pizza at our Food court as it excites our brains, thrills our taste buds and causes our mouths to water.

TMS Food kiosk offers a super delicious Turkish & Arabic recipe that will satisfy all your hunger buds. Mitra Di Chaap is ready to treat you to a unique treat with its delicious and unique taste enticing fascinating dishes and innovative soya chaap recipes.


Raipur is one of India’s most popular tourist destinations, so it’s no surprise that it offers some amazing lakeside dining options. One can enjoy breakfast overlooking Telibandha Lake or spend an evening eating dinner while watching boats go by on shores of Lake.

There is nothing better than enjoying a meal at the Spree Food Labs on the beautiful shores of Telibandha Lake. Food Court has a variety of restaurants that offer delicious food in scenic settings. One can enjoy a dinner for two, or have lunch with friends by the lake. The Food court also has an outdoor patio that offers spectacular views of the water as well as live music.

Come and enjoy the scrumptious cuisines amid lakeside beauty – there is a serene quiet, beautiful views and lots of privacy.

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