Make Every Weekend Count
Raipur weekly market at SPREE WALK,
Telibandha Talab / Marine Drive, Raipur

Join us every Saturday and Sunday for a unique shopping adventure at SPREE WALK. Where unique products and vibrant crowds meet in Raipur’s most dynamic weekend marketplace.

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Number of Tables: 2

Number of Chairs: 2

Beverage: Tea & Biscuits

Timings: 2:00 pm to 11:00 pm

Expected Public: 10,000+ visitors

Make Your Weekends Count with SPREE WALK

Reserve your weekend for something special! SPREE WALK, exclusively open on weekends, is your gateway to connecting with a diverse audience and showcasing your brand. Book your stall now for an unparalleled weekend retail experience.

is Your Weekend Destination

When you visit our Flea Market at Spree Walk Marine Drive, you’re stepping into a community. A community that celebrates local artisans, cherishes quality food, and values meaningful connections. Here are reasons why you should plan your next outing with us:

Weekend-Exclusive Market

Perfect for busy entrepreneurs, our weekend-only market aligns with your schedule. Maximize your business exposure without disrupting your weekly routine.

Connect with Weekend Shoppers

Weekends bring in crowds looking for leisure, shopping, and fun. Tap into this energetic weekend footfall to showcase your unique products or services.

Community and Collaboration

Enjoy the unique vibe of a weekend market bustling with enthusiastic shoppers and fellow entrepreneurs. Network and grow in a community that thrives on weekend energy.

Amplify Sales Potential

Leverage the relaxed and leisurely mood of weekend shoppers to boost your sales. With high footfall and a lively atmosphere, weekends at SPREE FLEA BAZAAR are prime time for business growth.

Upcoming Events

Never Miss Out on the Fun

Stay updated on upcoming events, themed weekends, and special discounts. There’s always something new and exciting happening at our Flea Market.

Embrace the Weekend Buzz at SPREE WALK

Nestled beside the picturesque Telibhanda lake, SPREE WALK offers more than just a shopping experience; it’s a destination where culture, commerce, and community converge. Your brand deserves a setting that’s as extraordinary as your products.