Spree Summer Carnival

Secure your stall at India’s premier lakefront carnival from May 17-29 and showcase your brand to thousands.

Expand Your Reach

Attract thousands of attendees at India's premier lakefront event to enhance brand visibility.

Networking Hub

Create meaningful relationships with industry leaders and colleagues to help your business succeed.

Marketing Boost

Benefit from extensive event marketing to amplify your brand presence online and offline.

Sales Opportunities

Engage directly with attendees in a festive setting to boost your sales significantly.

Spree Show

Elevate your vendor experience with captivating live performances at Spree Walk Raipur – your gateway to engaging entertainment!

Spree Showcase

Showcase your products amidst the excitement of Spree Showcase in Raipur – the perfect platform for vendors to shine!

Spree Banquets

Host unforgettable events with Spree Banquets in Raipur– where vendors can make lasting impressions and boost their brand presence!


How do I register as a vendor?
Simply visit our website and fill out the registration form.
What stall sizes are available?
We offer various stall sizes to suit different needs.
Is electricity provided for stalls?
Yes, we offer electricity provisions upon request.
Can I sell food at the carnival?
Yes, food vendors of all kinds are welcome.
Are there security measures in place?
Yes, ensuring safety for all vendors and attendees is our priority.
Can I customize my stall?
Yes, we encourage vendors to personalize their stalls for better engagement.
How can I advertise my participation?
We provide marketing materials and platforms for vendors to promote their presence.
Are there parking facilities for vendors?
Yes, designated parking spaces will be provided.
Can I bring my own equipment?
Yes, vendors are responsible for their own equipment and setup.