Transform Your Life with a Free Yoga Session at Spree Walk, Marine Drive Telibandha Lake, Raipur!

Yoga Session at Spree Walk

Join us for an absolutely FREE yoga session amidst the beautiful surroundings of Telibandha Lake at Marine Drive, Raipur.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to immerse yourself in nature, reconnect with your inner self, and revitalize your spirit. Don’t miss out on this amazing event, and register today to secure your spot!

What makes Yoga Session at Spree Walk so special?

Lakeside Location

Experience serenity amidst nature at Spree Walk, near picturesque Telibandha Lake.

Prime Destination

Spree Walk, a well-known, easily accessible venue ideal for Raipur’s yoga enthusiasts.

Expert Guidance

Benefit from experienced instructors guiding through asanas and techniques for all levels.

Holistic Wellness

Promote overall well-being through physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation.

Community Spirit

Join a community, share experiences, and foster connections on your wellness journey.

Free Event

Explore yoga’s transformative benefits at this accessible and absolutely free session.

Event Details

20th May 2023

Duration: 50 mins

Session Breakdown:


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